Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just Goofin' Around.

We've been busy lately. Between our "Sticky Fingers" painting class on Mondays, and school on Tuesday and Thursday, our weeks are flying by! Maya and Jonah have been happy little campers lately, even despite the time change. I don't have many new things to share, but here are some recent highlights:

Maya got a new (giant) car seat, and Jonah also moved into a big boy car seat. They love to hold hands in the car, now. It is so sweet. Jonah thinks that holding hands or passing things back and forth is hilarious. I mean, he cracks up, every time Maya touches him from her seat. I love it.

We visited friends this past Friday, and Maya made a new friend - Aspen. She loves Aspen (who is 5) so much, she can barely contain herself.

Jonah is addicted to crackers.

Jonah is just on the cusp of popping out his first tooth. Congrats, Bobo!

"Mommy bought me these awesome Halloween 'guys' on clearance at Target. They dance and play music, and have become my new pets."

"I am really into using the camera lately, but Daddy took this picture - I can't take any credit."

"Momma took this pic. My parents are awesome self-photographers."

"Look at Joney!"

"When Jonah first wakes up from his nap, he make silly faces. I love Joney!"

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