Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Did I mention that my little man has a tooth? It's the most adorable tooth I've ever seen, on a little boy. The second one is on the way, but we are very proud of the first one.

Maya cracks me up. She is just so funny. Yesterday, we had this conversation:

Me: "Maya, I love you so much. NO ONE loves you like I love you."
Maya: "No Mom. Goomy loves me that much."

Here's another one, from the car today:

Me: "Maya, I'm going to a party next week, and Nora and Adam are going to come stay with you and Jonah."
Maya: "Oh! Joney! Guess what? Nora and Adam are coming! Are you so excited?"

And another:

Jonah: "Wahhhhhhh! Babababa!"
Maya: "Oh Joney! That's good talking! I knew you could do it!"


Me: "Maya, I bought a new dress today!"
Maya: "Can I see it?"
Me: "Sure. Here it is!"
Maya: "WaaaWaaaa... It has sprinkles!"
Me: "You mean sparkles?"
Maya: "No. Sprinkles."

"This is my angry face."

"Jonah, are you eating crackers with that spoon?"

"This is fun... I'm just PRETENDING to strangle Jonah."


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