Monday, November 1, 2010

Playing Dress-Up

I realize I have some catching up to do, but here are some photos from our visit with Aunt Nora, and Cousin Shane. They came into CT for a knitting convention this weekend, and stayed with us overnight. Maya and Jonah adored spending time with them. My mom met us for trick-or-treating at some of the local shops, on Friday. It was a great time. Some highlights to ponder:
1. Jonah is a giant, compared to Shane
2. Maya thinks our guest bed is Grammy's bed, so she graciously gave Nora permission to stay in it.
3. Maya is slightly terrified of life-sized characters, and keeps claiming that she didn't actually see the giant Elmo while trick-or-treating, because she was too busy "sleeping in Grammy's arms" (a.k.a. screaming and clinging to Grammy with her eyes closed in fear).

We loved Halloween weekend. More pics to follow.

"I love my little Jonah-monkey."


"Mommy, do NOT let Jonah take Shane's bottle!"

"Joney loves Cousin Shane."

"Awwwww. Hugs."

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gklein said...

Great pulkies, Shane!!