Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Finally Hot!

Last week, Grammy brought the water table to New Hampshire. At first, I thought we'd never use it, considering the fact that up until last week, it had been way too cold to play outside with water. Anyway, it's finally in the 80's, so Maya and I ventured outside, onto the porch, with the water table. Maya had a terrific time playing with her toys, and we discovered the fact that the porch is the greatest part of this house. Oh, the porch, and the ridiculously incredible water pressure. All in all, things are shaping up!
"This is not a sad face - I'm just concentrating."

"You like my model pose?"

"Whoa, Mom. Personal space."

"I'm having the best time."

"I love to drink the water!"

"Mom! Now that we're inside, can I please take off my hat??"


Beth said...

Maya is one lovely bathing beauty! What a charmer! Her smile melts my heart!

Gabriellespace said...

Oh my word she is getting so BIG she is so adorable and she is looking so much like you Marji. Hope you guys are enjoying all. I love the pics!