Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ode to Our New House

We have finally moved into our "new" house, and I have to say, it's less than optimal. We chose to rent this particular house, because we liked the size, location, and honestly, it seemed to be in pretty good condition. The other houses for rent in the area, seemed really dumpy, old, and very overpriced. Anyway, as we moved into the house, I noticed some issues that I think might be difficult to reconcile. For one thing, the kitchen is the size of a shoebox, with very little storage space. I like to cook, so this will be a challenge for me. Furthermore, I swear that the cabinets stink. I can't pinpoint the smell, but something about them is very stinky. Kevin doesn't agree, but I still think I'm right. Also, no matter how you enter the house, you have to walk up a flight of stairs, to get to the main floor. I really wouldn't mind, but with a baby and groceries or other goodies, it becomes a big challenge. Hmmmm. What else? Oh, the crows. These crows sit on the powerlines outside our house and go, "CAW CAW CAW" for hours every morning. It's... loud. However, on a different note, Maya's room is nice and dark and quiet, so she sleeps well there, and so do we. Plus, it is bigger than our last house, which is a nice luxury. Anyway, Maya is getting used to our new surroundings, and she's loving her newfound space.
"Hi. I'm playing in my new house."

"Guess what? I take a bath in a real tubby now! Forget the sink - I'm going big time!"

"Mommy doesn't like it when I pretend to fall out of my chair. She gets scared. Hee hee."

"After a busy week, I took a nice nap in the car."

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Brook said...

Glad to see your back online! We need to chat. Hmm, the crows must go! Little storage in the kitchen sucks, we put up a bunch of shelfs in our basement to store stuff that would normally be in the kitchen but we don't use daily (small appliances, canned goods, boxed goods, etc...). Perhaps that will help?