Friday, July 3, 2009

Live Free or Die

We're finally in New Hampshire! Kevin came here on Sunday night, and Maya and I followed on Tuesday. We've been living in a hotel until today, when we are moving into out new house. Well, I'd hardly call it "new," but it's new to us. This has been a hard week, as we are in very close quarters, and we aren't used to this area. It's a lot of change for Maya, too. I can't wait to settle into our new place, so Maya can have some routine again. I'll take some pics of the new house when it's looking a little more unpacked. Oh, and also, I will have NO internet access until next Friday, so I'll take lots of photos, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to update. I promise - once we're settled, I'll start updating regularly again!

"This water table is awesome!"

"My last walk with Grampy, before we moved. We saw the horsies one last time, and I loved it!"

"Eating out at restaurants is fun!"

"I've eaten a lot of french fries this week. I mean, a lot."

"I'm so good at swinging."


Beth said...

Lots of good luck in your new home Maya, Marji and Kevin. I hope all goes well with the move and that settling in is easy for all of you.
I know Grammy and Grampy miss you so much, but now that you are on the East Coast, they will be seeing much more of you.
These are wonderful photos and I look forward to following your adventures on future blogs! I keep wondering how little Maya can get cuter and cuter!!!

Gabriellespace said...

she looks so cute in her little suit

Maeme said...

Love Maya's bathing suit! Hope New Hampshire is good for all of you!
Love - Sylvia