Sunday, July 12, 2009

Maya and the Giant Peach

I have a million stories to tell, about our new house, new town, and weekend in Connecticut, but I also have a really sweet story about our most recent shopping trip. This afternoon, we were travelling back from a weekend in Connecticut, and we decided to make a pit stop at Costco. Those of you who know Kevin and me, know that this is not a big surprise. We are slightly addicted to Costco, and were saddened to find out that there wasn't a Costco any closer than 1.5 hours away. Boo hoo. Anyway, we stopped at the Costco in Springfield this afternoon, to stock up on our staples. Maya ate 3 samples of Madras Lentils, vanilla ice cream with blueberries, and a very tasty looking bruschetta cracker. Yum. Anyway, we got out to the car and started the process of loading our ridiculous amount of stuff. Maya calmly sat in the front of the cart while we were loading. When I got to the peaches (we bought a 12 peach pallet), I noticed there was one missing. I couldn't figure out where it went, and I was sad that it had probably rolled away. Um, no. Apparently Maya had reached around to the back of the cart, grabbed a peach, and was going to town, fiercely gobbling it down. She was very proud of herself.
"You see where Mommy left those peaches? Puh-lease! How could I go without eating them?!"

"Mmmmm. This one is nice and ripe."

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Beth said...

Oh, Marji, I am so delighted that you are back blogging! I can't tell you how much I missed your updates. That little muffin gets cuter by the minute! Good luck to you all in your new home!