Monday, July 13, 2009

Party Animal

We had a very busy weekend of partying. On Saturday we drove back to Connecticut, and went straight to a wedding. Kevin's friend from college was getting married, and they had a beautiful backyard wedding. Maya had a great time playing with the driveway pebbles, and sorting them on the coolers by the bar. There was a dog and chicken at the wedding. I think the dog lived there, and the chicken belonged to the neighbors. The funny thing was, during the wedding ceremony, the chicken came up to Maya and started sniffing around her feet (she was in the stroller). She was happily chewing on a pretzel stick. Unfortunately, only moments later, the chicken jumped up and took a big peck out of Maya's pretzel. She was not amused, and basically went bananas. It was pretty funny. Anyway, after the wedding, we went to Dave and Jessica's Jack and Jill Shower in Cheshire. We had a great meal, visited old friends, and did a lot of playing. We finally made the trek to Southbury to sleep at Grammy and Grampy's house around 9:30. Maya was a party animal, and enjoyed every moment of the 2 parties. On Sunday morning, we visited Kevin's family, where Maya had a chance to play with all her cousins, and her aunts and uncles. We had a busy, fun weekend. Maya was so sleepy, she slept for 12 hours last night!
"Mommy and Daddy let me play during the ceremony. I was trying to get away from the chicken."

"That chicken had better not try to get my pretzel!"

"Mmmm. Good food."

"I love the rocks at this place!"

"Come on, guys! Let's play!"

"I like the doggie and the chicken, but I'm still a little scared..."

"This is me, sorting rocks on the coolers. You see my big rock? What a score!"

"I got sleepy at the shower, so Mommy changed me into pajamas."

"Okay, now I'm really sleepy. What a day!"


Brook said...

Maya's dress is perfect! Umm, I am not sure what to think of the chicken but I am LMAO!!!!

Beth said...

What I want to know is... how does she do it? How can one very beautiful little girl, become even more beautiful each day? Maya is amazing!