Monday, September 14, 2009

Daddy Daughter Day

We went back to Connecticut (again) this weekend, for a bridal shower in New York City. Christie and I had decided to drive to the shower together, and we intended to leave both of our little girls with their Daddies, at Moshe and Christie's house. We got to their house at about 11, and Christie and I headed out to Jessica's shower about 30 minutes later. The boys were on their own until 5:30, when we got back. They had a great time together - it was pretty cute. Anyway, Maya really liked Eve. She gave her lots of kisses on the head, and patted her belly. She also tried to teach Eve where her eyes are, by sticking her fingers in Eve's eyes and saying, "Eyyyyeeeee." I don't think Eve was into it, but she's a pretty laid back girl, so she got over it. Anyway, Daddy Daughter Day was a whopping success. Oh, and Christie and I had a great time at the shower, especially since we had some freedom from our girls, so it was a double success!

"Hello, sweet baby! Can I pat you on the belly?"

"Eve, let me show your your eyes."

"I know it's time for a tubby, but if I could just run around in my favorite outfit first..."

"Mickey is as big as me, but he doesn't weight quite as much."

"Come on, Mick. Sit on my lap and I'll read you a story, okay?"

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Beth said...

This little girl is a beauty!