Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three Day Weekend!

It is so rare for us to get a three day weekend that we can actually spend with Kevin. Usually, he has to work at least one of the days, but this weekend was so nice. On Saturday, I went to Connecticut for my friend Jaime's baby shower. Kevin played with Maya all day. They went to the Montshire Museum and a festival in Woodstock. Then, on Sunday, we drove to Nashua to meet Nora and Adam, and Debbie and Dan for lunch, in honor of Debbie's 23rd birthday. It was so much fun! Yesterday we laid low, and did errands, cleaning, and playing at home. We made a quick visit to Quechee Gorge and Woodstock, just for a little outing, but mostly, we just hung out. It was a very relaxing weekend, and I hope to have many more of those in our New Hampshire future!

"Mommy, let me down so I can jump into the gorge."

"Daddy, if I'm sweet, will you let me dive into the gorge? Mommy was a party pooper about it and wouldn't put me down."

"I am trying to eat my carrots and apples with a fork, but it's only working out so-so."

"I'll get it someday."

"At the mall, Auntie Nora helped me go up and down the slide."

"These are my new wheels! I've been practicing getting in and out of this thing nonstop since Daddy put it together!"

"Like my Dartmouth sweatshirt? Maybe someone will mistake me for a college kid..."


Brook said...

So cute! We miss you guys! I love Maya's doggie shirt :) So nice to have some time with the family.

Beth said...

Oh, how I missed your photos. I am so happy to see your beautiful faces again!