Thursday, September 24, 2009

Silly Monkey

So, this is our other costume option. I really like it, but I can't find one of the feet, and the feet make it so much cuter! Hmph. We'll see. Maya is really enjoying dressing up. We usually do it at around 5, so that when Kevin gets home, he is greeted by a monkey or a horsey. He really loves coming up the stairs and seeing Maya waiting at the gate, all dressed up. The nice thing about New Hampshire at Halloween, is that it'll be cool outside, so Maya can wear a warmer costume. Last year, her choices were minimal, because it was so hot on Halloween. I remember as a child, I would have to wear a winter coat over my costume, thus ruining the whole effect. I hated that! This year, I'm excited, because Maya will be so much more comfy.
"Mommy, these are pajamas. Where is my costume?"

"Dress me up!"

"Cute, huh?"

"Whoa. That's a major close-up."

"I love being a monkey."


Amy said...

OMG! Im in love! Where is the costume from? Stinkin cute!

Brook said...

The monkey is awesome! So cute!!

gklein said...

You wore a coat, but you were awfully cute, Marji. I remember your Snoopy costume. or was that Nora? -- Daddums