Thursday, September 3, 2009

Miscellaneous Fun

This has been an interesting week. Grammy and Grampy were here for the first half, and we spent a great deal of time reading stories and playing at the park. One day, we went shopping and came across a really cool kitchen store. The best thing about it, was that the owner had a little dog named LuLu, and she loved Maya. Well, she thought Maya was cute, but Maya really loved LuLu. Maya has mixed feelings though. She loves dogs, and wants to get near them, but then she gets scared and whiny when they get really close. It's pretty funny. Anyway, Grammy and Grampy are gone, so it's back to regularly scheduled programming...

"Hello, LuLu. You're a cutie."

"You can come close, but not too close."

"Grammy read stories to Harlene Verna and me. That's really her name, by the way. That's what came on her Cabbage Patch Kid birth certificate. She's one of my best buds."

"Daddy took me on the slide at the big playground at the local elementary school. We had fun, and I made Daddy go over and over on the slide until he had a sore tush."

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Charlie said...

She is such a cutie! I love the grandma sweet!