Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maya's Second Rosh!

No silly, not Maya's second head (rosh means head in Hebrew, in case you didn't know)- Maya's second Rosh HaShanah! We celebrated on Friday night, with a lovely meal of lentil soup, corn on the cob, challah, and apples with honey. Not a particularly traditional meal, but yummy nontheless. As I previously mentioned, Maya had a cold, so she wasn't in tip top shape, but she enjoyed it anyway. We went to the Dartmouth Hillel on Saturday, which, unfortunately, was quite disappointing. There are no synagogues here within an hour of our house, so we were hoping for a little Jewish community here... Alas, the community is very small, mostly students, and no children at all. Boo. Maya didn't mind. She ran around the Hanover Inn like a crazy girl.

"My first apples and honey! It was okay, but I definitely made the 'sour lemon face.'"

"We ate a giant round challah, and Mommy actually peeled the apples, just for me!"

"All I needed was this yamulke and my corn, and I was all set!"

"Mom, can I have some Tylenol for my head cold?"

"No,seriously - I need my Tylenol."

"Like my outfit for services?"

"Mommy's lentil soup is all over my face."

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