Thursday, November 12, 2009

Food Fight

Maya and I are in a serious food fight. Basically, Maya is not interested in meals anymore, and would prefer to snack herself silly. For example, she will refuse to eat breakfast, and then ask for snacks as soon as we get to playgroup each morning. Then, she'll eat a pound of goldfish, pretzels, or raisins before lunchtime. She'll usually eat a pretty nice lunch, but then refuses to eat for the rest of the day. Dinner is a mess, because she's not hungry and doesn't want to deal with sitting at the table. Sigh. So we have a dilemma. Anyway, today, I decided I wasn't doing it anymore. Maya refused breakfast again, so I packed it and brought it to playgroup. She was pretty annoyed when she asked for a snack, and I broke out the yogurt, applesauce, peas, and PB&J. She eventually relented though, and ate at the table at Bouncy House. Then, she had a very healthy lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. Yay! I was so happy and proud of her! We need to work on this every day though. It's not easy, and it's frustrating, but I think it'll be worth it in the end.

"Snacks, please!"

"Here's your purse, Mommy. I'm sure there are snacks in here."

"Now, how do I open this? I know there have to be pretzels and Teddy Grahams in here."

"What's the deal with this zipper?"

"Um, Mommy? You're really making me upset. I want snacks. Why would I eat yogurt, when I can eat something deliciously unhealthy?!"

"I ate breakfast at Bouncy House, and now I'm happy again!"

"I still love you, Mommy!"

"Watch me, Mommy!"

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