Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tiny Dancer

We spent Sunday and Monday in Springfield, Mass, because Kevin had a Monday morning meeting at one of the hospitals there. Maya had a great time playing with Grammy and Grampy on Sunday night, while Kevin and I had dinner with some people from the hospital. I was a tad concerned, because she hadn't napped for very long that day, and she has been known to throw tantrums when we take her out to dinner after having had little sleep. Anyway, Grammy and Grampy reported that she was happy as a clam during their visit. The next morning, while Kevin was at his interview, we came down to the hotel lobby for breakfast. There was a TV on in the lobby, which was conveniently tuned to Nick Jr. So... Maya loved this show, because there was a lot of music and dancing animals. Does anyone know what this show is called? We saw it from the middle, but my little munchkin was hooked.


gklein said...

WOW!! She's already a better dancer than Grammy!! -- Grampy

Hannah and Mommy said...

It looks like Backyardagins maybe?

Strange Mamma said...

Yes, it is the Backyardigans. It's a great show.