Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Lower Lip of Concentration

Maya loves playtime at the Norwich Library. She discovered this little ledge along the wall, and she loves to walk along it. It requires a lot of concentration, to keep balanced and not to fall. Maya has taken to sticking out her lower lip when she's concentrating. I love it!
"Watch me go up on the ledge, Mom!"

"I have to stick out my bottom lip like this, when I am trying to stand up on this thing."

"Is this a good look for me? Like a model pout?"

"Wait, Mom. I'm trying to concentrate, and these photos are distracting me."

"Oh wait, this isn't hard at all! I can walk on this thing easily! Silly me..."

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Beth said...

Maya is such a delicious munchkin! She is doing such wonderful things and that is so exciting! Life is a great adventure for her and that makes watching her a thrill. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Grammy and Grampy.