Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pony goes Trick-or-Treating

You know, I always liked Halloween as a kid, but I honestly don't remember ever having as much fun as I had yesterday. Now I really love Halloween. We had a pretty low key day yesterday, and then started the Halloween festivities in the mid-afternoon. First, we went to a party on the lawn of the Norwich Inn, in Vermont (it's only about 5-10 minutes from our house). The party was great - there were hundreds of people there, and the inn provided cookies, brownies, cider, hot chocolate, and games for the kids. Maya had a terrific time eating all the treats, playing with the dogs, and just running around like crazy. She really wore herself out. We met Beth, Daniel, and Noah at the party, so Maya and Noah played until it was totally cleared out. Then, we decided to do a little trick-or-treating in Norwich, which supposedly has the best trick-or-treating ever. Well, I wouldn't really call it the best, but it certainly was crowded. There were lines at every house. Unfortunately, it started to pour while we were getting our treats, so we eventually decided to turn back and go to the car. Maya didn't mind the rain, but Kevin and I were quickly running out of steam. Anyway, we went home and had some dinner, and then decided to go out for round two. It was still pouring, but we wanted to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood, so we took the car. Let me tell you - driving around to get the loot is much more efficient. I think we visited every house in our neighborhood that had their front light on. It stopped raining halfway through our adventure, so Kevin and Maya started walking to a few houses at a time. Maya, though she was super exhausted, really enjoyed seeing the dogs and babies that came to the door. He favorite part, however, was when people would hold out their bowl and let Maya take whatever she wanted. She usually chose Milk Duds, which is quite coincidental, because we aren't really a Milk Dud family, but that's okay. Anyway, Maya had a rather restless sleep last night - probably from all the sugar she consumed in cookies and other treats yesterday (no candy for her - just goodies), so our first day on standard time was kind of a bust. It was well worth it though!

"I started off at the party, with this yummy oatmeal raisin cookie. It was okay. I would say I ate about a quarter of it."

"There were lot of things to look at during the party. I stayed serious almost the whole time!"

"This is right about the time where I got sick of this cookie."

"I may be sick of this cookie, Tigger, but you can't have it."

"Next, I found a giant basket of apples. It was supposed to be for a game, but I dug in. Actually, throughout the party, I started 4 different apples, but ended up dropping each of them in the mud at various times. Then, I would just go get a new one. I probably ate the equivalent of 1 whole apple at the party. It just took 4 tries..."

"I don't like the peel, so I usually spit it out as I go. Yesterday, I was storing my spit-out-peel in my bandana."

"Daddy let me try his chocolate chip cookie, but I preferred my apple."

"Then, we did bobbing for donut holes. I didn't really understand the game, so I just took my donut hole off the fork and walked away. Oh well."

"I really liked this doggie. Every time I walked away from him, I just kept coming back. He was really sweet. I think he liked me, too."

"Is the party over now?"

"When we got home for dinner, Daddy put my costume in the dryer for a bit, while Mommy made dinner. I busied myself playing with my candy. I like this candy a lot, because it's mine.

"I'm back in my costume for round two of "trick-or-treating!"

"Look at all my loot! I got a ton of candy! I wonder what I should do with it..."

"I think Mommy and Daddy dug into my candy after I went to sleep. How rude."

"I gave these to Mommy, because she used to love Charleston Chews when she was little. I don't have enough teeth for these anyway."

"This morning, I picked up where I left off, and continued to play with my candy. I really like wheeling it around in my play stroller. You know it's a successful Halloween when you wake up and want to take your candy for a walk."

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