Friday, October 30, 2009

My Little Pony

"Mommy, where's your costume?"

We are gearing up for Halloween tomorrow! Yesterday, since Maya was feeling much better, we went to the Halloween party at the Bouncy House. It was so cute with all the kiddos dressed up! Maya had a great time. I assumed that she wouldn't want to go there in costume, so I was getting it packed up in my bag, so she could change into it when she got there, but she was having none of it, and wanted to wear it all morning. Silly girl. By the time I took it off of her, she was basically soaked in sweat underneath! She didn't care though. I can't wait to take her to the Halloween Fest and then trick or treating tomorrow. She's going to have a blast. She honestly just enjoys going to the supermarket lately, to see the blow up Halloween things, and the witch statues. She's not so scared...
"Mom, these belong to one of the games at the party, but I just want to carry them around."

"No, seriously, I'm keeping these."

"What's lurking around the corner there?"

"Back in my regular duds, and and playing at home."

"Like my glider? I'm really good at climbing in and out of it."

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