Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doggie Alert!

We had a very eventful weekend, but I'm going to wait until tomorrow to blog about it. For now, I wanted to mention our day of dogs last week. Grammy spent the day with us in New Hampshire on Thursday, and we ended up going to the kitchen store we like. The owner has a very sweet dog named Lou Lou, and Maya loves playing with her. We've gone there a couple of other times for the sole purpose of seeing Lou Lou. Anyway, later on in the day, we met Kevin for his appointment with the eye doctor. It turned out that one of the receptionists had brought in her 7-week-old puppy to work that day. Now this puppy posed a small problem. He looked strangely like Scuffy, and was just about exactly Scuffy's size. Therefore, Maya immediately tried to put him under her arm, just like she carries around Scuff. This was the first time she's ever tried to pick up a real dog, so I'm guessing she had no idea he was real. The problem was, this little doggie wasn't even remotely interested in being held, so he simply walked away. Maya was not amused... It was a seriously sweet encounter though...

"Hey, Lou Lou! What's up?"

"Can I touch your nose? I like wet dog noses."

"Wait, is this Scuffy?"

"I'll just tuck you under my arm, like my little Scuffster. Ahhhh... That feels just right."

"Don't run away from me! I love you, little teeny tiny doggie!"

"Phew! The nice lady brought back the doggie. Now stay put so I can hold you!"

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