Monday, October 19, 2009

8 Pounds!

Well, we ate 8 pounds of apples last week, so we decided to venture back to the orchards, just to get in one last round of apples. It was amazing, because last week the apples we abundant and perfect, and this week, there were close to none, and most of them were not pretty at all. The fun thing about the trip this week, was that
Maya rode on Kevin's shoulders, and picked most of the apples herself. This was mostly selfish on our parts, as we didn't want to climb any trees to reach the apples, and most were very high up. Maya had a blast, and even found a perfect apple. We only picked 4.5 pounds this time, because there just wasn't a good selection, but it was fun anyway!

"I love when Mom and Dad let me eat while we pick!"

"Don't touch my apple, please."

"Daddy held me up, so I could get a perfect apple."


"Time to go. The orchard closes in 5 minutes!"

"I ate almost the whole thing! Then I threw it on the floor. Go figure."

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