Friday, October 16, 2009

Grampy's Maya B.

I know, I know, we've been missing all week. I do have a couple of very good excuses though. First of all, my dad (Grampy) was visiting for the past few days, and we were having so much fun, we didn't have time to post anything. Second of all, our laptop is having issues. Basically, the power cord broke, so we ordered a new one. When the new one came, it worked for 2 weeks, and then it broke too. We are waiting on a new one, but until then, I have to use the computer in our freezing cold basement. This is not optimal (for many reasons), so I tend to run down here for very quick trips. Anyway, Maya had a great time with Grampy. They watched many a YouTube video of the Mickey Mouse Hot Dog song, and they played and read books the rest of the time. Maya will certainly miss him. We did go to our regular playgroups, just to stay in the routine though. I'm glad, because Maya needs time with her little friends!
"I wore Grampy's hat at the Bouncy House yesterday. Thanks, Gramps!"

"There were hula hoops at playgroup yesterday. The funny thing is, by the time playgroup ended, all the hula hoops were bent out of shape and wouldn't roll anymore. I guess it was a mistake to leave them in the hands of babies..."

"Seriously, Mom - leave us alone while we are surfing YouTube for cartoons. It's not cool to interrupt with your silly camera."

"This is us on a different day, in a different outfit, watching the same video."

"After we watched it about 50 times, Grampy and Mommy said 'all done,'but I wasn't done. I'll never be done watching Mickey. See how sad I was? I got over it quickly - no worries."

"I'm happy again, with my milk and lentil soup. This is the life!"

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