Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Additions...

Okay, I'll admit it - in the past couple of months, Maya's blog has become pretty boring. I try to keep it interesting, and I know Maya is a cutie, but the second year just isn't quite as exciting as the first. There aren't as many daily changes, and it's hard to keep up with her - especially with a camera. Anyway, I've decided, in light of recent events, to add some new features to the blog. Since both cooking and crafts are part of my repetoire of current interests, I have added a link list of my favorite crafty and cooking blogs. If you'd like your blog to be added to the list, just ask! Also, in other fun events, Maya has a brother on the way, due in the first week of February, so I think we'd better start adding him into the mix now, so we don't throw Maya's blog into chaos once he's born. So anyway, that's all the news that fit to print. You like our changes? Leave me a comment if you have any further suggestions!

"This is my little brother. He is 21 weeks old now. Well, sort of."

"I'm all done taking everything out of your wallet now, Mommy!"

"Mommy made rosemary-garlic focaccia bread last night. Looks good, huh?"

"Daddy read this story to Scuffy and me before dinner last night. Aunt Beth got me some Alaska books,and I love them! I also love Daddy and Scuffy."

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Rebekah said...

Congratulations! We're so happy for all three (four?) of you and can't wait to get the kiddos together someday when we're all in the same state. - Rebekah, Sean, and Rhyer