Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Favorite Part of the Day

When Maya was an infant, she was a huge handful in the evenings. She'd either nurse or fuss nonstop - thus, making our evenings miserable. Now, it's a totally different story. Once Kevin comes home, Maya is like a little entertainer. It's pretty adorable. After a very messy dinner, Maya and Kevin often share an ice cream bar, which is, by far, Maya's favorite thing to do at night. If Kevin says, "Maya, wanna share some ice cream?" she'll run to the fridge and stand there until he opens it. While they share, Maya stands there flirting with us, doing all her little endearing things, that she knows we love.
"Sometimes I reach under Mommy's shirt, so I can pat the baby. Is he going to look like a belly when he comes out?"

"I can't hear you!"

"More, please!"

"Daddy is good at sharing."

"I just finished sharing ice cream with Daddy, and we took off my onesie, because it got very chocolatey."

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Miss Hartong's Second Grade Class said...

Marj and Kev Maya is getting so big!! She is a perfect combo of the both of you! Glad things are going well in NH. :) Dong