Monday, November 9, 2009

Now I Know How Grammy Felt...

Sorry, Mom. Now, I know how you feel when everyone eats a different dinner! Tonight, I cooked 3 different meals for our family, and boy was I exhausted! It took me 2 hours to get everything ready, and then Maya managed to whine and throw tantrums all through dinner. It was quite unpleasant. It ended up being okay though, because Kevin loved his food, and so did I. Maya, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with dinner tonight. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow. I somehow think she's either going to wake up starving, or sick. One of the two... I'll keep you posted.
"We went on a hike last week, and the next day, Daddy had a really bum neck. It still hurts him, and it's been a whole week!"

"Sometimes I use Daddy's neck brace to keep warm. Thanks, Dad."

"I've been eating peas for breakfast lately. They're good, but I have to blow a lot, just in case they're too hot."

"Then, I eat them by the handful."

"Lately, I've been watching Sesame Street in the mornings. I just learned to climb onto the couch last week, so now I pretend to be a couch potato. I'm really not though, because this position usually only lasts about 2 minutes. Then, I get bored, and go on my way. I come back during 'Elmo's World.'"

"This is Daddy's Sweet Potato Curry Chicken. Blech. Not my thing."

"This is Mommy's Cheesy Broccoli Potato Soup. Boo. Not interested."

"This is my minestrone soup. Normally, I love this soup, but tonight, I was so not into it."

"Mommy and Daddy finally let me out of my chair, after I whined for 10 minutes straight. Then I sat on Mommy's lap and whined there. I guess I was cranky tonight..."

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