Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Okay, so it's nowhere near our anniversary, but while we were in CT last weekend, we decided to finally try the top tier of our wedding cake. It's been sitting in my parents' freezer for the past 3.5 years, and they were basically dying to get rid of it, in order to free up some space. I know you're supposed to eat it on your 1 year anniversary, but we kept putting it off for some reason. Friday night seemed like good timing. We had decided that we'd let Maya have a taste, and then we'd eat it too, so that all 4 of our family members had tried our wedding cake. Nice idea, right? So, right after Maya's bath, we gave her a tiny taste. She spit it out. That should have been our first clue. After she went to sleep, Kevin and I decided to share a piece. Um, yeah, 3 year old cake - not so awesome. I had 1 bite, before retiring my fork. Kevin did a bit better at about 3 bites. My mom and dad tried it too, and couldn't get through a whole piece. Oh, and I should add - I never turn down a piece of cake. Seriously, the it was delicious when we got married, but I guess we shouldn't have waited so long to eat it. Oh well. It was worth a try!

"Mommy and Daddy found their wedding cake in the freezer at Grammy and Grampy's house. This is the box!"

"The cake didn't look bad, so I took a taste. It was bad. Sorry, Mommy and Daddy!"

"After I went to sleep, Mommy and Daddy put on their jammies and got ready to eat their cake. See how excited they look?"

"Daddy tried it first. Mommy was looking forward to her bite. After all, it was a dark chocolate cake with butter cream frosting..."

"They both thought it tasted like an ancient cake. They should have listened to me in the first place, don't you think?"

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