Friday, January 22, 2010

Please Answer Our Poll!!!

"Wait, what's gonna happen to my blog?"

I am conflicted over what to do when the new baby comes. Should we start a whole new blog? What would we call it? Should we keep this blog, and just change the name? Or should we just keep it exactly the same title, but add the new baby right into the mix? I am so conflicted. Please leave me some comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. Just FYI, we don't want our last name on the blog, so keep it in mind if you decide to give us name suggestions! Help us, please!


lori frerman said...

Keep the blog just change the name.

Cassie and Tony said...

I agree - keep the same blog and incorporate the newbie into the name... maybe you can change the background layout so it has the "feel" of a new blog, but really just reinventing the old one - that's my two cents

xo love ya marj

Gabriellespace said...

Just change the name and add the new baby.. I am so happy for you