Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maya Faces the 360 Degree Mirror!

It's funny how on "What Not to Wear," the people are horrified when they look in the 360 mirror. Maya, on the other hand, really enjoys seeing herself from every angle imaginable. I guess that's what narcissistic almost-two-year-olds are like. Anyway, Maya and I accompanied Grammy to the dress shop this past weekend, to approve of her mother of the bride dress, for Deb's wedding. Maya had a blast. She took over the pedestal and pretended to change her clothes like Grammy. It was sweet. I'm sorry, but I can't show photos of Grammy's beautiful dress. It has to be a secret, just like Debbie's wedding gown. She's looks beautiful, though!

"I'm changing - leave me alone!"

"Mommy, how come I don't get to wear a bra, like you and Grammy?"

"Don't look at my belly, please!"

"You like my pose?"

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Beth said...

I can't wait to see the flower girls in their lovely dresses!