Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Week of Breads...

So, while some pregnant women are feverishly cleaning and organizing their homes, I am destroying my house with layers of flour and sugar. I have been baking like a wild woman. I guess this is my version of "nesting." This week I did a lot of baking. Read: A LOT. Maya was my helper, playing in the kitchen with her baby dolls while I kneaded dough and cleaned my KitchenAid about 10 times. I made 2 challahs, a sesame loaf, and a wild rice and onion bread. I've been using the upcoming bris as an excuse to fill our deep freezer with loads of yummy looking bread. Am I enticing you to travel to New Hampshire to come to the bris? I'll keep you posted, so you know when it is! Anyway, this weekend has been really nice. Yesterday, we went to Nashua to visit Aunt Nora for lunch. Kevin came, too, and after we ate, Kevin and Maya went shopping on their own, so Nora and I could do some sisterly schmoozing. Today, Kevin's cousin, Jonathan came to visit us. They are out for lunch now, while I stay here with Maya during her nap. Unfortunately, there's a psycho dog next door, barking incessantly. I don't expect Maya to take a long nap... Oh well. At least Maya likes barking dogs, right?

"I loved Mommy's wild rice and onion loaf. Daddy and I shared big chunks of it on the way to Nashua yesterday."

"The Pleasant Valley Mall, in Nashua, has so many things to look at. There are play cars, a play area, a bouncy house, a pet shop, and one of those big bungee jumping trampolines for the big kids. So many things to see!"

"This is my favorite play car."

"Our friend, Sunny, gave me this sweater when I was born. Mommy just showed it to me, and I wanted to wear it forever. It's more like a shrug now, because it's supposed to be for a newborn, but I don't mind or notice!"

"This sesame bread looks good, but none of us tasted it. It went straight to the freezer!"

"Mommy had a very hard time braiding this chocolate-hazelnut challah, but it tasted good anyway."

"Apparently, Mommy likes challah."


Amy said...

Syd & I are sitting in the chair together and when she saw Maya, she said SYDNEY!!! LOL I guess she thinks all little girls with brown hair are her! Anyway, we got to the bread pictures and she says Mmmmmmmmm, to which I agree! Can you share some of your recipes!?

Ruth said...

Chocolate hazelnut challah? Sounds amazing!!!!!!