Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Aryella!

Okay, these are the last of our photos from our weekend in Connecticut. We went to Aryella's second birthday party on Saturday afternoon, at Juju and Dave's house. The party was great. Maya ate, played, danced, and sang. Then she came back to Grammy and Grampy's house and slept like a champ. Aryella was adorable in her Cinderella dress, and she hosted a really fun party. I can't believe Maya is going to be 2 soon. What should we do for Maya's birthday this year? Any ideas?
"Well, no one was looking at the camera, but here's a group shot, of some of us kids at the party!"

"Aryella and I sat down for a chat, and to share some candy from her pinata."

"I ate chicken nuggies with Tyson. I wonder how Aryella knew I liked chicken nuggies... She served thousands of them at the party!"

"Balloons everywhere!"

"When it comes to partying, I'm very serious."

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PhatKev said...

Is that Paulie from the Sopranos in that picture?