Saturday, July 10, 2010


One of the great things about moving back to Connecticut, is that Maya and Jonah will finally have a chance to get to know their cousins. We have spent a lot of time with family since we've been back in town, and last weekend, Julie, Dave, Jaden, and Aryella came to visit us and see our new apartment. Jacob was a camp, so he missed the visit. We ended up at Rein's Deli for dinner, where the kids had a blast. I am so happy to see Maya loving her time with her cousins. She has taken a really adorable liking to Jaden, and seems to follow him around everywhere. As for Aryella, the 2 of them played with their twin babies all evening. They were so adorable, and so serious with their playing. It's nice being back. So nice.
"Aryella got me this baby, named Lane. She has Lane's twin brother, Clinton. Aren't they sweet?"

"Aryella likes to make silly faces, just like me!"

"I let Jonah hold Lane's carrier, but then I took it back, since Jonah has a carrier of his own."

"Mommy says that Jaden is a kid, but I'm pretty sure he's a grown up, since he's bigger than me."

"Jonah had fun at dinner with us."

"I like to feed my new baby."

"I am very excited to live near my cousins and the rest of the fam. This is good stuff."

"Jonah clearly thinks Juju is comfy."

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