Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Off to School.

Maya is starting preschool in the Fall. Yes, there is actually preschool for kids this age. Maya will be attending school at the JCC, and she is quite excited to go by herself. This summer, the program is having a little transition class, so the kids can come in once a week to play and get to know each other. Maya loves this class, and she'll certainly be sad when it's her last day, next Tuesday. Her 2 favorite parts of school, so far, at the playground, where they take out baby dolls and little strollers, and snack, which is always Kix. The second we get there on Tuesdays, she says, "Ooooo, babies on the playground, and KIX!!!" I hope they still have Kix in the Fall. I'm sure they wouldn't be nearly as good if I bought them at Stop and Shop, right?

"We get Kix for snack, and water in a little cup. I think this is the best snack EVER."

"We get to wear big smocks when we paint at school. This protects my beautiful clothes."

"Like my picture?"

"Jonah comes to school, too! Mommy holds him the whole time, though, because he's too small to participate."

"I had a great day at school."

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