Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Fun.

We haven't done much, since moving to CT, but the kids are still happy. Tomorrow is Maya's last day of summer school, so then we really need to work on finding more fun activities. I have been really exhausted, due to Jonah's decision to completely stop sleeping at night, so my motivation is seriously lacking. Anyway, I'm on the lookout for library activities, because I know it's a good place for meeting other mommies and babes. Anyway, here's a peek at our lazy days...
"Mommy always says, 'Gotta love a clean, naked baby!'"

"Jonah and I were mesmerized by the Rainforest Cafe at the mall."
"I love jumping off the turtle at the mall playground."

"Here I am, in action!"


"Look at meeee!"

"Jonah loves sweet potatoes, peas, and applesauce."

"I love popcorn and cookies. Yum."

"He's a happy Jonah."

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