Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Boys will be Boys

Jonah is a giant, compared to little Shane (who, incidentally, turns 4 months today). Apparently, Jonah chose to take advantage of the size differential, and beat up his cousin. At first, he was just interested... Then he became a tad aggressive. Then he grabbed Shane's face and tried to tear it off. I wonder where this behavior came from... Maya, you say? Hmmmm...

"Jonah loves your shirt, Shane!"

"You know, Shane, that used to be my shirt, so Jonah wants to take it."

"Jonah thinks it's funny, so I think it's funny, too. I always side with my brother."

"Uh oh. I think Jonah might be planning on doing something naughty."

"Hahahaha! I love my brother and my cousin!"

"Seriously, I see that look in Jonah's eye. He's about to misbehave. You'd better keep an eye on him, Mommy!"

"Oh no. He has the nose. Here we go."

"No, Joney!!! Shaaaaaane!!!"

**No babies were really hurt, in the making of this blog post.**

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