Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanks for Thanksgiving.

The day after Thanksgiving, Maya and Goomy (my mom) were sitting at the kitchen table in their jammies. When my mom asked if Maya had a nice Thanksgiving, Maya answered, "Thanks for having Thanksgiving, so I could see you, Goomy." Is that sweet, or what??

Anyway, we spent Thanksgiving, doing our usual - bouncing back and forth between my parents' house, and Julie and Dave's house. It was a really nice day, and very busy!
The kids had a great time - especially Maya, who was able to dress up as Minnie Mouse, for the entirety of our visit with

"Joney! Mommy says don't talk with your mouth full!"

"Like my costume? I added the wings. Nice touch, eh?"

"Daddy, Cousin David, and Cousin Jonathan are very hansome boys. Well, not as hansome as Joney, but close."

"Mommy, I love this double jogging stroller for these dollies. Can we get one?"

"That's a silly face, Jonah."

"Jonah, as a fashionista, I must say, your socks don't match with your outfit. Just saying..."

"It's a good thing you're so cute..."

"I look serious here, but I was just mulling over whether or not to change costumes."

"Bubbe and Tyson are so sweet. Bubbe is going to have a baby like Jonah soon."

"The day after Thanksgiving, we visited with Hazel and Cal. I was tired, but playing with Hazel is always a good time."

"Jonah was tired and fussy at Jaime's house. He even slept in the car, in the driveway, for 40 minutes!"

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