Sunday, December 12, 2010

Magic Kingdom

Well, we are home from vacation, and I have a lot of pics to share. It was a great trip. We partied very hard, and now that we're home, we have 2 very sleepy kiddos, with a lot of catching up to do. These photos are from our first couple of days in Florida. Unfortunately, we ended up down South, during a ridiculous cold front. In fact, it was so cold, we actually had to go to the outlets and buy winter clothes, on our second day! I ended up with 2 new winter coats though, so I guess all wasn't lost!

I think I'll give you a tour of these pics, so you know what we were doing...

Here we are at Magic Kingdom! Our first full day at Disney. We waited on line, so Maya could get her picture taken with Mickey and Minnie. I was worried that she'd be terrified, but she was great. While we waited on line, she waved feverishly at the characters, and though she was a little shy when we got up to the front, she loved it! In fact, she is still talk about it. she just couldn't believe that she got to hug Minnie. Well, she didn't really hug her, but she keeps saying, "I gave Minnie a hug!"

Maya loved having Goomy and Goomy there with us. As you can see, she is affectionate to the max.

We saw a 3-D show, called "Mickey's Phil-Har-Magic." Maya refused to wear the glasses during the show, but she still loved it. It ended with Donald, pretended to escape out the back of the theater. She is still talking about seeing Donald climb through the window. If you go to Disney, you should check out this show. It's great music, and tons of action for the kids.

Poor Jonah had a cold for most of the trip. He didn't look so good, but he had fun anyway. He needed more sleep than we gave him, as you can see. He was bleary eyed by day one!

Having shoulders to sit on, for the live shows, was invaluable!

Our second day, at Hollywood Studios, we were more prepared. Check out Jonah's awesome new hat!

We took the shuttle to the parks, because it was easier. Well, sort of easier...

Little bundled man, ready to roll.

We went to Downtown Disney on Day two...

Lego dogs, on display at Downtown Disney!
"Where's Minnie?"

I met up with my friend, Jen, from high school. We hadn't seen each other in 15 years, but she lives down in Florida, so she brought her family to Hollywood Studios. It was such a nice afternoon!

This is all of us, at the end of a long, cold day at Hollywood Studios.

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Beth said...

These pictures are PRICELESS!!! Mommy and Daddy and the Goomparents look fabulous, too! Despite cold and colds, it looks as though a good time was had by all!!! The pictures and the narrative told the wonderful story!