Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back so Soon?

Love is in the air between Maya and the Montshire Museum. I took her there this morning, because I really wanted her to try the water exhibit. We forgot her bathing suit yesterday, and it's going to be 92 degrees today, so I thought this would be a good time. Anyway, Maya had a super time at the exhibit. She absolutely loved playing in all the different sprinklers, walking in the streams, watching a ball get taken away by the current, and putting the balls in the fountains. We got there right when the museum opened, so there was plenty of room to play. The only thing that bummed me out, was that we seem to have lost a shoe on the way out of the museum. Boo. We're going to go back later to see if we can find it. Anyway, hopefully it'll stay hot for a few more weeks, so we can have more fun in the water. Enjoy the pics - I know there are a lot, but I couldn't help myself!

"Let's go to the Montshire, Mommy!"

"I like holding as many balls as I can, and then throwing them in the fountain."

"See? I have 3!"

"I'm soaked, and I love it!"

"If you put the ball in the fountain, the water goes crazy!"

"You can attach the tubes to the fountains, so they make all sorts of sprinkle patterns. Neat, huh?"

"I practiced going up and down these stairs 30 times. Literally."

"I wasn't really into this pool area. I don't know why. Maybe next time."

"You're really supposed to put a ball in the stream and watch it go with the current, but I decided to hop in."

"Wait, is this a fake frog or a real frog?"

"Wow, this'll be like climbing the Eiffel Tower!"

"I loved the Montshire, but home is fun, too."


Debbie said...

oh no not the new sandals!

Beth said...

You could never have too many photos of this precious little girl. She is so beautiful!!!

Brook said...

Glad you found a fun place for Maya to play! She's so cute :)