Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maya's New Cam

We finally got our new camera in the mail! I'm happy to report that our new little Canon Digital Elph is a perfect specimen! And, guess what? It's turquoise! I love it. Anyway, Maya had a great time hamming it up for the new camera last night. Did I tell you about her new trick? She gives the best kisses now. If you say, "Maya, can I have a kiss?" she'll just lean forward and plant one right on your lips. Sometimes she even does it without a request. It's the best. I mean, seriously, it's the very very best. Sometimes her timing is a little off, but she's getting better and better! What a cuddlebug.

"What's that? A new camera?"

"Pretty camera, Mommy!"

"Um, clearly I ended the kiss before Daddy. I guess Mommy was right - my timing is off."
"Daddy likes to pose, too!"

"I love when Daddy shares his ice cream!"

"Ice cream always gives me a messy face."

"This book is like my morning paper."

1 comment:

Strange Mamma said...

Yes, that's a much nicer camera. All the cuteness is now in clarity.