Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sniff Sniff... Sob...

My camera is broken. I mean really, truly, definitely broken. It won't take any pictures at all. We're getting a new one, but in the meantime, I'm going to have to make due with our gigantic camera, which I can't really lug around everywhere... I'm really sad about it, because I really love my little camera. Anyway, for some reason, I'm still able to download the photos I've already taken, so I have a few from this past week in Connecticut with the family. Only a couple, but that's okay. We did a lot of fun things last week. Debbie got her wisdom teeth removed, but a few days later, we went to look at wedding gowns. Deb bought the most beautiful gown. Want to see it? Just kidding. You'll have to see it at the wedding. Anyway, we also did quite a bit of shopping, playing, walking, and eating. Over the weekend, Deb, Grampy, Maya and I, met Nora at Grammy and Grampy's condo in the Berkshires. We had a great time, and returned to New Hampshire this afternoon, exhausted, but satisfied. It was so nice to see Kevin again. Anyway, we'll be in town this week, but then we head down to Virginia for our vacation at Massanutten resort. Stay tuned for more news about our week!

Oh, and one last thing. This morning, Maya was super fussy. I couldn't figure her out, but then, I noticed a lovely new tooth. It's on the bottom, directly to the right of her 2 front teeth. Congrats Maya, and welcome incisors!

"While Debsie was trying on dresses, I secretly stole her bra. Mom, when will I get to wear one of these?"

"Mommy knows I love cherries, but I don't think she realized they would give me a purple beard."

"I seriously love this horse. I'm working on learning to get on it myself! Oh,and please excuse my red-eye. Blame my Mommy."

"I like rice cakes now. It's all my teeth! I have 8 now!"

"Mommy bought me a leash, so I could run around at the farmers' market. Don't judge my Mom though - she wants me to be free, so I can run around and be out of the stroller. I like the leash. The teddy is so cute! I think I'm too young for it though. I keep chasing the bear on my back, like a cat chasing its tail. Oh well. Maybe that's why the package says 18 months and up. 2 more months for me..."

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