Sunday, August 16, 2009

Northerners Again.

Hello, friends! Sorry we've been away. Vacation was fun, but now we're back home in New Hampshire, and Maya is finally back in her favorite crib. She's one happy camper. I would venture to say that Maya's favorite part of the trip, besides hanging out with her cousins, was going to the water park. Now, this wasn't just any water park - it was the most amazing water park I've ever seen. It had a giant indoor section, and a really big outdoor section. Inside, there was a huge water playground with a bunch of slides and waterfalls, an indoor surfing game, a lazy river, and a toddler water area. Then, outside, there was a wave pool, and another little kiddo area. There were huge water slides all throughout the park. It was really incredible. We bought a 3 day pass, and we played like crazy. One day, Kevin spent 6 hours at the park! Anyway, unfortunately, Maya got sick on our last day at Massanutten. She had a reaction to her MMR vaccine, meaning that she ended up with a fever and a bumpy rash all over her face, back, and belly. Even worse, she was absolutely hysterical crying for 2-3 days. She just started feeling better today, thank goodness. It was so sad, listening to her cry, and watching her in such discomfort. Poor baby. She endured an 8 hour drive home, feeling absolutely horrible. We were so glad to have our happy baby back today. What a relief!

"Mommy loves this pic of me peeking out under the changing room door, even though it's soooo blurry. Silly new camera. We're returning it ASAP!"

"This is the toddler area at the water park. My favorite!"

"This is the giant water playground and lazy river at the water park. I couldn't get enough!"

"Daddy and I were getting changed to go out to dinner, so Mommy took a picture of our little leggies."

"Aryella and I are playing at the restaurant before dinner comes..."

"You think she's interested in my cracker?"

"Daddy and I took a tubby in the jacuzzi at our condo. Pretty cool, huh?"

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Strange Mamma said...

Awwww. Poor munchkin. Glad you guys had a good vacation, though, and glad she's feeling better now.