Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Vacation

"Get me dressed! It's time for vacation!"

This week, we are away in Virginia with Kevin's family. We are at a resort called Massanutten, and it's really a great family place. There are tons of activities, pools, a water park, and restaurants. Our vacation is really just beginning, but we've done some fun activities so far. Yesterday, we went to Shenandoah Caverns, which was really beautiful. We've also been to the pool a few times, played tennis, and played on the playground. Tonight we're going to the water park. I can't wait - there's a lazy river and a wave pool! Anyway, check out our photos. I'll post more soon. By the way, I don't dig this camera. The photos are blurry. I'm considering returning it for a different one.

"While we waited outside the caverns, we saw this kitty. He was so cute, but I was afraid to get too close."

"Bubbe, Aryella, Jacob, Daddy, and I had fun looking at the stalagmytes and stalagtytes."

"I love you, Daddy."

"Look at us at the caverns! It was dark down there, but at least it was cool. It's been 98 degrees here!"

"We went swimming at the pool, but we had to get out when some kid threw up in it. Ew."

"Hi, Mummy! We see you from the kiddie pool!"

"We see deer all the time here. Mommy loved when we saw the mommy deer and her babies."

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Beth said...

What lovely pictures! Looks as though you are all having a wonderful time!