Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Beth Day!

Today is our friend Beth's birthday. Beth works in the research department where
Kevin used to work, and she has become a really good friend over the past few years. Maya and I decided that we would take a trip to the hospital to bring a cake for Beth to share with the research office. We had a great time. Beth was very surprised, and Maya really enjoyed herself. Sylvia, who is pregnant with a little girl herself, held Maya on her lap the whole time, feeding her raisins and giving her some lovin'. Maya, despite the fact that she was initially a little confused and cranky about being somewhere unfamiliar, had a blast. Forget the cake - she likes any event that involves eating and endless amounts of raisins.
"Happy birthday, Beth!"

"This is Linney."

"Sylvia and I are making eyes at each other. I know she has a baby girl in there - a new friend for me!"
"Mommy and Beth are buds, but Beth likes me better."

"When we got home, I found the pens under Daddy's desk. Mommy doesn't like me playing with pens though. Instead she wants me to play with toys. Go figure."

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Beth Burnside said...

I love "Beth Day"!! We should make it a tradition!