Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Happy Little Camper.

Nothing much is going on here, but I thought I'd post a few pictures of our happy little girl, just doing her thing. She's feeling much better this week, after a weekend of having a cold. We are having wonderful weather this week, so we've been playing outside with friends a lot. I try to keep Maya out of the house so she doesn't cause too much destruction, as we're trying to keep the house in "showing condition." It's good to spend time with friends. When we move, we won't know anyone. We'll miss our playdates. Maya is a social butterfly!
"I love the playground. Soon, I'll learn NOT to eat the woodchips."

"I'm playing in the drawer of bottles, and testing each one to see if there is milk or juice inside. So far, nothing."

"Mommy and I enjoy cuddles. Daddy too, but he was taking the picture."

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gklein said...

Maya looks pretty happy, but just think how happy she'll be when she returns to New England to be near her grandparents!! Marji, while it may not be necessary, you and Kevin are welcome to return to New England, too!! -- Grampy