Sunday, March 8, 2009


Last night, we attended an Anesthesia Department fiesta at Flamingo Bowl in downtown St. Lou. We decided to bring Maya, since we figured she deserved a night out on the town. It was a really nice evening, with tons of food and fun. Maya and Kevin bowled a few rounds, and Maya socialized with the other kiddos and families. She was a trooper, and stayed out until a whopping 8:30! Anyway, I think she enjoyed herself, and she was definitely mesmerized by the bowling balls and their insane alley rolling. Even though it's nice to get out by ourselves sometimes, I think Maya enjoys these new experiences, so when she is invited, I think we'll bring her.
"Hey guys? What are we doing tonight?"

"Bowling?! Yes! I've always wanted to go bowling!"

"Daddy, that is not a strike."

"Just waiting for my ball to come up."

"Where are my bowling shoes?"

"This is fun!"

"Chips go very well with bowling, don't you think?"

"Mommy put me in my pajamas before we left, so I could go right to sleep when we got home. Smart Mommy, huh?"

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Brook said...

We had a blast :)