Thursday, March 26, 2009

There's Nothing Sweeter...

Watching 2 babies play together is just about the cutest thing. Yesterday, Maya and I had to rush out of the house for a "showing," since the people arrived 20 minutes early. I whisked Maya out of bed and ran out of the house, forgetting to bring a snack for her. We went to Brooke's house to play for a bit, which was really nice and peaceful. Nash and Margot have tons of toys to occupy Maya, and she seems to have a blast there. At one point, both Maya and Nash asked for a snack, so we gave them pretzel sticks. When Maya saw that Nash was loading up his bulldozers with the pretzels, she was intrigued, and went over to play with him. I took a ton of photos and video, but I think this one sums it up. Honestly, I think this was the first time they have actually played together. It was beyond adorable.


Ruth said...

That is too precious!!!

Maeme said...

The Cutest! Thanks Margie! What will I do without your videos of Margot and Pratt children next year!!!!