Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

So, apparently this week is Dr. Seuss's birthday. Who knew?!? This morning, Maya and I went a birthday party for him, at our district early childhood center. I must say, they do a great job with the events there. They had about 8 stations (or centers, as we teachers like to call them!), where children from birth-3 could play. There were sensory activities (playing with cornstarch and water, which makes fake "mud"), make your own cookie creation, make flowers out of pipe cleaners and tissue paper, plant a flower in a cup, and many others. Maya is a little young for those activities, so she played with the other teeny babes on the floor, where they had a "Scrambled Eggs" center. There were plastic eggs full of beans (for shaking), as well as giant spoons and bowls. Maya loved it, and spent over a half hour playing with the eggs. I have to admit, we've never read any Dr. Seuss to Maya. Honestly, I was never a huge fan, mostly because the books never made sense to me. I realize that this is the point, and that they are "fantasy" books, but I guess I'm not really into that. I'll have to read some to Maya, and see if she likes it. What do you think is a good Dr. Seuss book for a 1 year old? Let me know if you have any ideas!

"Come on, Mommy! We have to get ready to go to the birthday party! You know I'm a party animal!"

"Look at my egg!"

"I played so nicely with new friends this morning. We met a little girl named Tessa. I think we're going to see her again next time."

"Mom, can we get some of these at home?"

"This thing makes music when I shake it!"

"Now, if only I could get the egg out of the bowl with this spoon..."

"Like my hat?"

"How about from this angle?"

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Anonymous said...

Hi boys love Dr. Seuss. Our favorites are "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" and "Green Eggs and Ham". I admit they are somewhat confusing, but the pictures are fun. Looking at all the colors and shapes is great for a one year old like you.

Don't worry if they are not your favorite. Not everyone likes that type of book.

Have fun!
from New York