Monday, March 16, 2009


This weekend was sort of a bust. Maya came down with a mild cold on Friday, that turned into a full blown nasty cold on Saturday. We were supposed to spend time at Brook and Ben's house this weekend, but we decided not to take Maya there, since she puts her mouth on everything, and I would hate for James and Keira to get sick. Anyway, on Sunday we decided to visit the City Museum, or, as I like to call it "The least handicap and stroller accessible place ever," or, as Kevin likes to call it, "The Most Dangerous Museum in the Country." Basically, the museum is a gigantic warehouse type of building in the middle of the city. The inside and outside are like a giant jungle gym. There are endless slides, places to climb, ropes to swing on, huge ball pits, ramps, stairs everywhere, and on and on. It was really cool, and was probably an adolescent boy's dream, but it was not the easiest place to bring a baby in a stroller (to say the least). We did find one really fun area where Maya loved to slide. At first we were really scared to let her slide, but then we loosened up a little. She had a blast.

"Daddy is climbing, while we just watch from the stroller."

"In this whole museum, we found one little tiny play table for me!"

"I'm flying!"

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Brook said...

The City Museum is an adult playground. I am sure it was super difficult to tote Maya around. Maya playing at the
City Museum is probably about as safe as a drunken adult (there is a bar) sliding and crawling around all of the unsafe, but super cool stuff there.