Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kangaroo Kids (and Babies)

So, Kangaroo Kids has a new location. For those of you who aren't familiar with Kangaroo Kids, it's a La Leche League sponsored consignment shop and "meeting place." So basically, most of the people who work there are lactation consultants, and they sell secondhand baby/kid gear, nursing supplies, and they also hold support groups, have a play area, and sell coffee and treats. Now that I look at the list, it seems like they do kind of a lot. Anyway, the point is, they recently moved to a new location, and we went to check it out last week. The previous location was... well... how can I put this? Okay... dirty. Once, Brook let James crawl around on the floor, and he came back with pants that had basically turned black. The new location seems much cleaner, although I think they have some work to do on their housekeeping skills (namely: sweeping and mopping). Anyway, the kids played so nicely, and I'm looking forward to going back. It's a great meeting place for our curious little monkeys.

"This magnetic sand table looks super cool, but I'm too small to play with it. Maybe next time."

"Mommy, I'm playing. Stop it with the photos. Seriously."

"James, you are so good to me. I like playing with you."

"Mom, do you think James and I can both fit through here?"

"Mommy made me this yummy lunch when we got home from Kangaroo Kids. It's whole wheat couscous, peas, and pinto beans. Mommy, you're the best cook!"

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Brook said...

We had fun, let's do it again soon! I agree, could be cleaner, but it was so much fun!