Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Burgers on the BBQ

On Sunday night, Brook and Ben decided to have a celebration at their house. The occasion? Dave (Alex's Daddy and Brie's hubby) has been named Chief Resident for next year. Congrats, Dave! We all went to Brook and Ben's for burgers and fun times. We had just come from flying a kite at Forest Park, so Maya was insanely exhausted, but she was a good girl. I think her sleepiness was the reason why she clung to me for most of the evening, but that was okay. I was proud of her for surviving on only 1 nap that day!

Oh, and by the way, Maya took 12 steps yesterday. Well, 2 sets of 6, I should say. She made it from the oven to the dishwasher, and then walked halfway down our driveway. Way to go, Maya B.!
"Is it time for the BBQ? I could use a burger."

"I'm hangin' with Mommy tonight. Too sleepy to play a lot."

"Brook threw all these balls in the yard, and we're helping pick them up. I'm not so good at this game, but I'll play along."

"Keira and James have this totally cool busy box. I love it, but I know that if Mommy and Daddy get me one, I won't play with it. I mostly like other kids' toys."

"Yes! I got one! James! Quick! Where's the basket, so I can put in my ball!"

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Brook said...

We had fun that night! Maya is almost walking :) I love the pic where Maya is standing in our yard holding the ball....