Thursday, April 16, 2009

Winding Down...

Well, our trip to Connecticut is almost over, but it's been wonderful. Maya has seen a lot of friends and family, and I know she's going to miss everyone when we go back to St. Louis on Saturday. That being said, Maya definitely misses her daddy, and will be so happy to see him. Want to know some fun current events? Well, first of all, we sold our house, which is the best news of all. Then, we found a great rental for next year in New Hampshire, so we're also excited about that, too. We'll be moving from St. Louis in the middle of June, so we really only have 2 months when we get back. I'll have to give Maya lots of playtime with her friends when we get back!

"Tyson has some great toys. Thanks for sharing, Cuz!"

"Now this is cool. This car has sides, so I can't even fall out!"

"Tyson is one week younger than me. I'm much older and wiser."

"This is my choo-choo train. I'm getting big enough to ride on it."

"Believe it or not, I can actually get off this thing on my own."

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