Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Third Wheel

Okay, so I know I've said it before, but now I'm sure of it - the third tooth has officially broken the surface! I'm sure the fourth isn't far behind. This one is the top, front, right tooth. Maya woke up screaming at 11:30 last night - I'm guessing she was hurting. This morning she was trying to open a bag of frozen veggies with her teeth. Must feel good, you know? Teething is not for sissies.
"Okay, Mom. Do you have the shopping list? Let's go."

"Glad we bought all these new vegetables. Who knew I'd like cauliflower?"

"When I put these on, Nashy called me a rabbit. Heehee. Silly boy."

"Brooke, Nash, Margot, Mommy, and I went to story time at Pottery Barn Kids. Look at me, listening like a big girl!"

"I know you can't see my third tooth yet, but don't my 2 bottom teeth look exceptionally clean? We've been brushing them to keep them squeaky clean. Kinda like how Mommy polishes my shoes."


Beth said...

Your teeth look like beautiful pearls and your smile lights up your adorable face!

Gabriellespace said...

Aww look at them shine.